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“You can do one of two things. You can print out one of our waiver forms, and bring it into Xtreme Fun Center with you, or you may fill out our online form below and submit it electronically.”

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As an Xtreme Fun Center guest, I, the undersigned or parent / legal guardian of a minor:

1) Acknowledge the fact that laser tag and batting cages are a physical activity, and I may be injured by playing. I personally assume full responsibility for my actions, and for all injuries or damage which may happen or that I cause to happen on the premises of Xtreme Fun Center for any cause, including but not limited to the fault of Xtreme Fun Center, its owners, employees, or agents and I agree to completely release and discharge Xtreme Fun Center, its owners, employees, or agents for and from any and all claims, damages, or other liabilities whether in the past, present, or future, whether known or to be discovered, that may result or arise from my participation in activities or use of the facilities or equipment.

2) I agree to follow all of the rules at Xteme Fun Center as they are posted within the facility and/or verbally given by the staff. I acknowledge that Xtreme Fun Center accepts no responsibility for any act or thing done by me, which is in violation of the rules given.

3) I acknowledge that if I am under the age of 18, that I have discussed this release with my parent / legal guardian and they have consented to allow me to participate.

4) I accept full responsibility for any damage to the Xtreme Fun Center facilities or equipment caused by me or my child.

5) I agree to inform a member of the Xtreme Fun Center staff of any medical condition or treatment that I have, prior to participating at Xtreme.

By filling in the boxes below, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this waiver form.

All Boxes must be completed!

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